Why Shopping is Addicting

Do you wonder sometimes why shopping is addicting? I also don’t know why it is addicting all I know it feels good when you shop for items that are on sale especially when it is half of the price. You can’t explain the feeling of contentment when you got the item you are wishing for, I don’t shop expensive and branded items I just bought those cheap items and those who are in sale.

Anyway you might not familiar with omniomania, compulsive shopping (or what’s more commonly referred to as shopping addiction) this is perhaps the most socially reinforced of the behavioral addictions. We are surrounded by advertisements that tempting us to buy and spend money so shopping occurs, commercialism.

According to what I read some psychiatrists believe compulsive buying is more indicative of an impulse control disorder, others think it is more indicative of an obsessive-compulsive disorder…or bipolar disorder or even an addiction, does it means all of us or most of us  has a disorder?

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