Why Musicians are Using Drawmer DS201 Stereo Gates

When you want to produce a clean performance for your snare drum, try using a stereo gate which is popularly used by professional musicians. However, when you lack the expertise in setting up the stereo gate, it may produce an irritating sound when a spillage of the hi-hats to the microphone may occur. The continued opening of the stereo gate can distract the sound that could ruin your reputation as a musician.

To solve the issue, why not use drawmer ds201 stereo gates at musicians friend? This type of stereo gate has various features such as a low-pass and high-pass variable filters and works for efficient gating and ducking. It also produces harmony for its output and input while it has a sophisticated specification for high audio.

The Drawmer DS201 stereo gates are known for their quick attack time. The gates are useful for both the musician and the sound engineer because of their ability to reshape, adjust and control the sound without producing a spillage and broken sound especially during fade in and fade out. This is indeed a valuable tool if you want to succeed in your gigs.

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