White and Red Shoes

When I went home to Philippines my mother bought me a white Nike Shoes (Nike Dunks SB Women) so when I return to Korea I left my old shoes but as expected no matter what kind shoes I am going to wear it wouldn’t last long to my feet.  When we traveled to Myanmar most of the time we have to walk barefooted to visit temples everything went fine not until the day we have to left the country, we still have few hours before our flight so arriving back to Yangon we decided to hire a taxi that would take us to few places we didn’t visited yet and there’s the accident happened.

As already bit lazy to tie my shoe I just slide my feet inside and walk after my husband so he can take a photo of me before he keep his camera, right after I have found our my shoes was bended as I stepped on it like a sandal.  When we arrived in Korea my husband cut it from the inside and he found out the plastic support of the shoes was deformed, so he cut it leaving my Nike shoes torn from the inside.

As I felt it was too embarrassing to wear my pair of shoes in the gym with open hole in the inside I decided to browse for a cheap pair of shoes in Gmarket, I found few shoes on sale but the problem is I don’t know my shoe size in Korean so I look inside my old Nike shoes for my shoe size and search online for a converter.

I was able to find my Korean shoe size so I ordered the shoe I like together with the black bag. The shoe arrives two days late with the bag, it was delivered minutes earlier before we left the gym I think the delivery guy has been told by the landlord or by my husband co-teacher that we are out during that specific time.

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