Where to Buy Deodorant for Men in Korea

If there’s one item that is hard to find in South Korea that is underarm deodorant for men,  spray or roll on. It seems Korean mean doesn’t use underarm deodorant so if ever you find this item they will be a bit expensive. My husband and I always made sure that we bought few deodorants for men when we are out of the country, like when we travel to Russia two months ago we bought axe deodorant at a local store on our last day.

Axe from Russia

Use of underarm deodorant is one of the best and most effective ways to control body odor and sweating and probably Koreans were aware of this, and with the absence of deodorant from most local stores does it only mean Korean men don’t sweat? If you are in Korea and  looking for underarm deodorant spray you will surely find supply at any Asian Store (World Mart, World Food) around you, if can’t find one Watsons sell Nivea Underarm spray for men.

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