What We Predict Will Be the Best Apps of 2015

The last few years have seen an incredible range of apps taking over our lives.

Who would have believed just a short time ago that we would soon be able to do so much with our phones and tablets thank to these apps?

The good news is that the fact that the app revolution is far from over. In fact, we believe that it is only just beginning.  The following are some of the apps we predict will rock our world in 2015.

Smart Home Apps

We are still waiting to see those house cleaning robots and mechanical butlers we were promised all those years ago, aren´t we? Until we get them it seems as though we are going to have to make do with apps that let us get things done around the house more smartly. You can already use your mobile device to switch on your alarm, turn on your lights and manage your fridge´s contents. There is a good chance that 2015 becomes the year in which we finally begin to control more of our homes using apps. Can you imagine using your phone to vacuum your floor, turn on the shower and open your garage? There are lots of interesting ways in which apps could make boring daily chores that bit more interesting. Maybe you could soon cook the dinner while you are work and chill that bottle of wine to the perfect temperature while you are still sitting in traffic

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Short Term Fashion Apps

The ease with which mobile apps can now be developed means that they can now be looked on as being more short term than before. This means that they now lend themselves more to temporary use before being discarded or updated. A good example could come in the shape of the fashion world. It would be no surprise to see them now used to showcase a specific season´s trends or to help you to plan your summer wardrobe. There is now little need for a brand to think about using just one overall app for everything. It now makes more sense for them to reach out to their customers on what it is that concerns or interest them at this specific moment in time.

More Personalised Apps

We have already started to see apps gets more personalised and targeted, a trend we expect to see continue in 2015. For instance, if you are going to a shopping centre you could download the app on your way and make a list of what you are after. Once you arrive you would get updates or messages telling you exactly where to find what you are after at the best price. We no longer want generic apps that aren´t particularly useful to us. Instead, we want only the most relevant information that helps us out right here and now.  There is no reason to think that this won´t happen soon. When it does it will make our mobile devices even more useful to us than they already are.

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