What is Peace

Peace according to my understanding is silent, a state of harmony characterized by the lack of violent conflict. No war and no demonstration, like a leveled water in a glass no movement in short it is in peace.

No Peace in the Far East have you ever heard that quotation? Oh well that’s what my husband and I say to each other when someone is saying sorry, it is not that serious it is just a joke on our part, but it is true no peace in the far east. You don’t need to ask evidence as you can read, hear and see it on national television.

Have you ever asked yourself, how can you promote peace at home, school and in your community?  I can’t promised anything but I know how to promote peace, that is by LOVE and UNDERSTANDING.  If you love someone, your husband/wife, classmate’s and neighbors you will be out of violent conflict with them but love is not enough without understanding, sometimes even we love someone we are carried away by our strong feeling of hate. So understand the situation first before became impulsive, so when there is love and understanding there is PEACE even it is not in the far east.

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