Vaseline Healthy White SPF24

Oh well once you are addicted in shopping items you love it can’t be cured unless you are penniless.  My new saying, lol as it works for me when I am empty handed I can’t buy anything I want. Anyway I was not able to control myself  when I went to Watsons accidentally I just happened to pass by and I decided to check what’s new and well when   I went out  I have  Vaseline lotion in my hand despite the fact that my Nivea Lotions are overflowing (over) I mean still unused.

What should I do I can’t really say no to the world SALE, this set of  Vaseline lotion (Healthy White)  which is said to be new product is on sale for $7.   So can you blame me especially to someone who is very eager to have  a white skin after I turn so dark from our vacation in Mongolia.  I already ignore what my husband had told me believing in whitening products, as it is normal to a yellow person like me.


This Vaseline, Healthy White has SPF Triple protection, UVA and UVB protection for fair and even toned skin, it is lightweight, non sticky body lotion containing Vitamin B3,  aloe extract, a calming effect on skin, UVB and UVA protection and  SPF24 & PA + + protects skin from harmful elements, and stimulation.

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