US States For Those Wanting A Fashion Career

When you love fashion, you looooove fashion. It becomes everything. It takes over your life in the most heart-stirring, smile-inducing and ethereal way possible. You eat, drink, breathe and sleep it, and then you repeat it all over again. You get embraced by it until that’s all you want to do; until the only career you can ever envisage yourself in is fashion, living the real-life tale of Rachel in Friends. And what do you do when you want a career in fashion – or any industry, for that matter – you pack up your bags and go where the jobs are.

It’s the only thing that makes sense. It’s not easy to leave it all behind, pack up your bags, ask the people at Bekins moving solution to help you bit the stylish bullet and start afresh in an unfamiliar metropolis,  but when the alternative is not worth thinking about, it becomes a whole lot easier to manage.

And to help you make the right decision and the move a whole lot easier, we’ve pulled together a list of states that boast the biggest number of fashion industry jobs in the US right now. If you know, you know, right?

  1. New York City

If this has come as a bit of a surprise to you, it could be worth rethinking this whole “I want a career in fashion” thing because it might not be right for you. There are just no two ways about it: NYC is the beating heart of America’s fashion industry. It’s where every designer wants to be and where every major label has a presence of some kind, be it Madison Avenue or a boutique in Brooklyn.

  1. California

Nothing goes better than high-end fashion and gorgeous celebrities. Not even the cronut. Or peanut butter and jelly for that matter. It’s a match made in sartorial heaven. And everyone in fashion knows this and so it makes sense for them to flock to the highest concentration of famous faces, beautiful bodies and fashion bloggers.

  1. Florida

If you’ve got a thing for sexy style and fashion with flair, then you might want to point that moving van to Miami, Florida where dressing up is not something you do for an occasion. You do it every single day. You do it for the vibrant nightlife and the summertime, all the time vibes. As for the sexy style thing, you need to head to the Miami Fashion Week to believe it.

  1. Texas

If this has made you pull a face, then we may need to remind you that the most stylish woman on the planet heralds from this state – Beyonce. There is no disputing it: she is the most in vogue and fashion person on the planet. Of course, she’s not the reason Texas makes the list. Not entirely. That goes to the fashion companies that dance around here; companies like Neiman Marcus.

  1. Massachusetts

Okay, so if it’s haute couture or high-end design that you’re into, then you might not want to head here. But if it’s active-wear that you want to make your mark on and bring some style to the world of sports, then this is where Reebok and Converse and New Balance are all based.

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