Urban Flowers (Eau De Toilette)

I am not that expensive when it came to perfume, I seldom used it  except we are going to somewhere special mostly I am just using body splash at home. I’ll be two years here in few days but I still have those perfumes and other cosmetics from Avon which I brought when I went here.

Below is the perfumes that  Ate Cha handed to me as gift few days after I left out of the country.  We’re not that close and we don’t know each other very well aside from she is the sister and co-owner of the AVON center where my mother is connected as a dealer, they know me as I am always with my mother every time she will order or get her order.


I didn’t try them yet so I don’t know how they smell,  maybe it smells like an urban flower  from Tokyo and Rome, the yellow is Tokyo and the pink one is Rome.  These two are just few of my stuff here that I don’t use because if you don’t know me yet I am the kind of person who will shop and then don’t used them at all unless needed. Sounds weird but I am happy seeing them and not using them. Maybe somehow in the near future I am going to use these perfumes, maybe in Christmas lol.

3 Responses to “Urban Flowers (Eau De Toilette)”

  1. chubskulit says:

    Wahhhh sakin yan ubos na hehehe.. I a perfune person, if others are into bags and shoes, ako naman perfume weeee…

  2. vernz says:

    you mean di mu yan nagamit hahaha.. tipid.. lol… was hre too Ry…

  3. reyah says:

    Is this a perfume from avon?

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