Top Tips For Slimming Down By Wearing The Right Clothes

Many women have weight problems, and it is common knowledge that losing a few extra pounds can be a struggle. However, as the latest fashion news indicates, this does not mean that a plus sized lady can not flatter herself. And one good way of doing this is to wear clothes that will make you appear, or at least feel, slim. Follow these basic rules to slim down via your clothes.

Be Size Sensitive

Do not make yourself wear a garment that is obviously too small. However, do not wear something that covers you like a curtain either. Just choose the size that fits your body – not too loose, and not too tight.

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Black is Best

Every plus sized woman loves the color black, as it creates the illusion of leanness. There are many ways of wearing black, and it is a trendy color as well, because virtually everything goes well with it. Black tops are best for women who wish to conceal the flab in their stomach, whilst black leggings or pants are ideal for women who have large legs and wish to tone these down.

Opt for Print

Prints produce an optical illusion which stops people from clearly seeing whatever lies beneath. Prints make it hard to form a vivid picture of the flab in your mind, because the different colors and shapes make the fabric awkward to analyze. Darker prints are perfect for causing the body to appear smaller than it actually is. Lighter colors need a bit more work.

To Stripe or not to Stripe

Stripes are somewhat controversial in the world of fashion, but horizontal stripes certainly make you appear fatter. Nonetheless, vertical stripes may be a good alternative, although this does depend on your body contours. Initially, it may help to try on a striped shirt before going out in it. This look may require a 2nd opinion.

Increase Your Height With Single Hues  

Undoubtedly, the taller someone is, the slimmer they look. This concept can be used to make you appear thin by wearing clothes that all have broadly the same color. For example, a cherry red skirt combined with a brick red jumper, accessorized with a red purse, red wedges and red bangles will make you appear longer than you actually are, elongating you upwards to minimize any visible flab. The best colors to use with this technique are green, yellow, pink, white and baby blue.

This advice is only basic, and there are many more things you can do to make yourself appear slimmer by wearing the correct clothes. Fashion aside, remember that the best idea is to actually shed those excess pounds. Being overweight will always be a big risk to your health.

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5 Responses to “Top Tips For Slimming Down By Wearing The Right Clothes”

  1. Black makes you look skinny so it’s a great choice for those who wants to look slim.

  2. Joy H says:

    Dark colors always amazing on those women who are chubby or voluptuous body type. Also, vertical stripes are good to minimize weight figure. Since horizontal will make you look bigger and wider.

  3. jheylo says:

    I actually have dresses like those photo you have above 😀 I don’t wear skimpy dresses as i am not a skinny like those 3 ladies in the photos. We should wear clothes that are appropriate to the occasion

  4. peachkins says:

    LOL! This is why most of my clothes are dark-colored.. to slim me down!

  5. Momgen Reviews says:

    That is i like to wear black color since i am chubby hehehe… Great tips…

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