Top 5 Cameras For Back Packers

When purchasing a camera for backpacking purposes, the camera must be durable, lightweight and weatherproof. Lightweight cameras are easily portable and do not add any additional weight to your load while you are trekking through backpacking country. Here are a few suggestions for top cameras for backpackers:

1. Panasonic Lumix LX3

The Panasonic Lumix LX3 features a larger sensor than most other cameras. This camera also has better optics with a wider angle. This allows photographers to capture high quality images in a shorter period of time. Panasonic Lumix is lightweight and has superior image quality for its size. The camera can fit in a person’s pants pocket or shirt pocket and can easily be transported on long trips. Panasonic Lumix can withstand some harsh elements, but a standard waterproof camera, like the Olympus 830, is recommended if the conditions are extremely wet.

2. Olympus e-420

This SLR is equipped with a 25 millimeter pancake lens. This lens is equivalent to a 50 millimeter lens on a 35 millimeter camera. The total weight of the camera with lens is 19 ounces. There are lighter weight cameras on the market, but this camera provides a better quality image for a slightly better picture quality. The camera is small enough to fit into a jacket pocket or other pockets on a backpack. The e420 does not require any padded zoom bag to hold and protect the camera. This camera has a good lens shade, UV filter and is compatible with any 4/3 format lens. The e420 lacks image stabilization. This typically poses a problem in low light or when a tripod is not available for use. Overall, this is a desirable camera.

3. Olympus E-620

The Olympus e-620 is coveted by backpackers because the designers have managed to balance the weight, focal length range and image quality perfectly to yield a superior photograph. All of these factors are important when selecting a camera suitable for backpacking. The Olympus zoom lens may be used in conjunction with this camera to get superior images. This lens is one of the heavier lenses available, but the extra weight is worth it for the image quality achieved by the lens.

4. Canon EOS Rebel XSi

The Canon EOS Rebel XSi delivers good images on backpacking trips. The weight is light, but it is not as lightweight as the Olympus e-420.

5. Canon PowerShot G10

The Canon PowerShot G10 has a large sensor and better optics than most cameras in its class. The camera supports RAW files in several different modes. The G10 has a 5x optical zoom lens that is helpful for capturing images that are a significant distance away from a backpacker’s location.

Top Cameras for Backpackers

Consider these cameras and others for your next backpacking excursion. Any of these cameras will capture the beauty of a tropical safari or other type of hiking excursion. Perform copious research to find the best cameras to capture quality photographs.
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