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One of the advantages of living here in Korea, is being up to date with beauty regiments and cosmetics, there are times I wander around the shopping area to see what’s going on and what’s on sale or there is any sale event.  Guess what The Skin Shop is on sale and one of  the event you don’t like to miss is the 40% off for  Magic Science BB Cream  + saffron SET Planning, and the big sale for Saffron Real Cleansing Foam + Cleansing Cream + Massage Cream Planning Set.

Oh well, if you didn’t know yet. Yes The Skin Shop specialized in BB Creams and Snail Cream, you might ask what is BB Cream, BB cream or Blemish Balm, is ‘All-in-One Cosmetic Product’ from Korea. It is pretty much the end all of foundation, concealer, moisturizer, sun block, anti-aging essence so in short it’s a combined product that eliminates many products from your daily makeup routine and not only simplifies foundation but also offers key ingredients that we all look for in makeup and skin care. Furthermore, continuous use of BB cream will help to improve the overall texture of the skin and fade acne scars.

One of  The Ultimate Solution in artistic skin make-up by The Skin Shop is Magic Science BB Cream,  constant using of this product can cause skin healing and moisturizing, anti wrinkle, UV protecting and whitening functions and other good effects as follows:

  • acts as cosmetic base and liquid foundation
  • perfect camouflage for under eye circles, acne scars and dark marks
  • gives natural makeup look
  • moisturizes and softens skin
  • controls oil balance of skin
  • brightens skin
  • improves wrinkles
  • protects from damage of UV rays (SPF 25 PA++)
  • encourages regeneration of skin to create and maintain youthful skin

The Skin Shop is under the company of IFMANET Co., Ltd and been in business since 2007 with gross sales of 20 Billion KRW and have their product exported in Thailand, China, Japan, Hongkong, USA, Malaysia and in Australia. They have also their online distribution in which in in English and in which is in Korean, so if you are planning to open up a store with The Skin Shop products you know where to get supplies, and if you want to purchase some products near you and don’t know where to  go, you have to remember that they also supplied to specific stores like  Chain Stores in China,  Supplying to ‘Bonjour’ Chain Stores in Hong Kong and they made supply contract with ‘Watsons’ a global drug stores in Thailand.

Their product is approved by  Korea Food and Drug Administration on three functions: Skin Whitening, Wrinkle Prevention, UV Rays Protection and been popularized endorsed by the KPop Rookie Girls in Korea name J.Q.T Their names are Park Min Jung, Lee Ji Eun, Park Ga Jin, Joo Min Sun.

For more information about this product and company please visit at or

Visit them on Facebook too and always remember “the beginning of caring for your dreaming beautiful face is completed right after the skin is kept in healthy and clean.” – The Skin Shop

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