How to Have a Fashionable Winter

Dreading the frumpy winter wardrobe? It may not be as fun and carefree as summer is, but you can certainly up the wardrobe ante this winter with some fashionable staples. Just because you can’t wear your favorite cut offs and strappy sandals doesn’t mean you have to be covered up in ugly sweaters and puffy coats.

The Duster Jacket

Don’t think for a minute that this trend belongs to the power-men of the 1980s. Duster coats are now a chic option to keep you fashionable and snug when the weather turns sour. Dress in black from head to toe and soften your edges with a rose colored coat. For a bit of New York style, duster jackets look amazing paired with your favorite skinny jeans and a pair of heeled boots or pointy toed pumps.

Sweaters Are a Staple

Luckily for you, big sweaters are in and you can make them as cute or as sexy as you want. If you want to opt for sexy, pair your favorite leggings or skinnies with a drapey off-the-shoulder sweater. Wear a spicy lace bustier underneath for a hot peek at what you’ve got underneath. If you want comfy but sweet, oversized sweaters are the perfect accessory to black leggings. Pair them with some knee high boots, ballet flats, or sexy heels for a night out on the town. Flowy, open front cardigans can be paired with skirts or even trousers. Top a feminine blouse with your open front cardi for a warm but professional look at the office.

Winter Fashion

Boho Cute: Ponchos

No, these aren’t the tacky messes of the 60s. When the weather is more like fall than winter but you still need a little something to keep warm, a poncho can double as both an outerwear piece and an integrated piece of your wardrobe, according to Juniper James. Wear a long sleeved top underneath with leggings, flat boots, and a scarf and you have a structured look that’s easy and fun.

Go Classic with a Pea Coat

Pea coats can be their very own fashion accessory. This winter, ditch the polyester coat and try something more flattering. Pea coats can be warm, and when you’re running errands that prevent you from stopping to take your coat off, you still want to look cute. Get a coat that’s fitted at the waist, preferably with a belt, to avoid the pregnant look. Having your waist emphasized will give you a slimming look than an unstructured fit will.

Rock Out with a Black Leather Jacket

If you’re sick of the sweet look, get edgy with some leather. You can make it part of your look or keep it strictly outerwear. Whatever you do, keep it fitted to avoid the utilitarian look. A cropped jacket can kick up any dress you own while a ladies-only full length coat will give your favorite ripped jeans a sassier look.

A cold weather wardrobe is just as much fun as a summer one. With cozy accessories and sleek staples, you’ll be taking on the cold weather with flair.

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Shopping for Winter Jacket Online

On winter season it is important to wear proper clothes to keep warm and comfortable. One of the popular winter wear is wearing layered clothing with a winter jacket on top. There are lot of winter jackets designs that are available in the market, the prices vary on style and material.

I decided to buy winter jacket online because the one and only jacket I am wearing during winter is already worn out and cannot provide warm to my body anymore.  I choose the winter jacket that I think will fit me and on sale, but when it arrives it was so large, my husband called it as a parka.

Winter Jacket

I washed the winter jacket thinking it will be not to puffy to wear and will fit flat to my body but I was wrong because it was still too big and uncomfortable to wear, my purchase is a waste of money according to my husband when I decided not to wear it.

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