Shopping for Vitamins at Lazada

Online shopping is one of the things I enjoy the most, searching for coupon codes and getting discounts as well as waiting for the things I bought online brought an excitement to me. It was been a long time since I do online shopping, that was the time I am still in Korea but afterwards never done it anymore.

Vitamin C and Calcium

The other day, I decided to look for vitamins online since the vitamins I brought home is already empty and they can’t be found in the town.  I successfully found them at Lazada PH in cheaper amount than the other online shops, so I decided to add them to my cart but when I was given a special coupon to use, I checkout and ordered them as cash on delivery.

Lazada is an online shopping portal in Philippines and I have been trusting Lazada since the day of successful deliveries of the item I have ordered online.  When they first launched their shopping portal, I was one of the bloggers who received a discount coupon enable to buy an item I like at their website in exchange of honest review.

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