Nivea Moisturizing Body Lotion and Cream

As what I have said on my other blog Nivea products are on sale, especially those moisturizing creams and lotions.  Last night after the gym, I went to NongHyup Supermarket to buy Kimchi and milk, but instead of going home directly I went to Watsons to look around, and your guess is right as mine. I ended buying more stuff again, I bought the Nivea moisturizing lotion it is buy one take one (400ml each)  for $8.89,  and I bought another moisturizing cream for $5.38, Vaseline for hands and nail, Nivea soft moisturizing cream for hands, face and neck and Watsons softening body lotion. Well, I am so vain, I am not so fashionable with clothes but with beauty products on SALE I can’t say no.

My beauty products include, splash, sprays, lotions, shampoos, oil, and etc., are overflowing in my hidden compartment. If Pookie bear sees all of those he might hate me for collecting a lot of garbage and wasting my money to the things I am not going to use. He only sees few because I covered them with shopping bags, hehe.  I think few more and I can  already open a little store. Oh yeah, he decided not to give me penalty for the toothbrush that stuck in the toilet, so I regained my allowance that’s why I have money to spend.

Anyway, just the other night while buying some chocolates in GS25 I spotted this cute bottle of hand  sanitizer I took it on the counter and as well as the pink spray which I found in the counter when I am paying, I don’t know what is it but I found it cute and cheap I pay for it.  As I reached home, I started searching what is it and even translating Hangul to English, well it is a fabric spray, softener and deodorizer.

Just so lucky that I bought a Dove Moisture Body wash the other day because they are not in big sale anymore, from $6.19  the price went up to $10.68. Yay, lucky me!

The bad thing  was I lost my gloves last night in Watsons, when I returned inside upon realizing the other gloves was missing  it is nowhere to be found anymore. Maybe the sales lady already throws it in the garbage bin, lol.

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