A Shave Can Be a Royal Treatment

Experience more of a outstanding shave when you use quality products that are specially designed and crafted essentials that are superior to most brands on the market. They are paraben free and are meant to make you feel fresher, cleaner, and thus present a more attractive appearance at the same time.

A super smooth shave is a much desired outcome, and you can enjoy the shaving experience when a revolutionary foamless cream is combined with witch hazel extract and shea butter that will make any necessary repairs to your face from problems such as razor burn and also moisturize while you shave.

It is an easy process to wash your face with warm water, use just a quarter-sized amount of the cream massaged onto your wet face, go ahead and shave, and then rinse with cool water.

A special unscented hand-crafted soap, or one with the scent of peppermint or sandalwood if preferred, is the best suggestion for those men who have sensitive skin. The rich lather has no detergent agents but is loaded with powerful nourishing moisturizers such as olive, palm, coconut and wheat germ oils as well as Vitamin E. Also included is rosemary oleoresin extract, a natural antioxidant that guards cells against free radicals. The procedure is to slightly wet a shave brush before rubbing it over the soap until it becomes foamy, wash your face with warm water, apply the foam, shave, and rinse with cool water.

Know that these unique shaves can make you feel like a prince or a king!

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When it comes to shaving, the classics may be the best approach

A man’s morning ritual usually includes brushing your teeth, spraying cologne, and, of course, a close shave. The most effective ways to shave could be the most vintage methods, usually the same used by barbers or those that give a professional shave for a fee. These experts use the “straight” forward approach found with warm cream and straight razors.


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The straight edge razor is the ideal tool and role model for close shaving. Nothing beats the fresh feeling of a shave and a hair cut from your favorite barber. Now that feeling can be duplicated by men who want to experience that feeling without the price-tag. More companies are recognizing this allure and marketing these exact shaving devices for the man who wants an “old-school” shave. In fact, some celebrities are now marketing their own variations on the classic razor, trying to appeal to a young, trendy audience.

Shaving tools are a competitive market, but don’t be fooled by the fancy cases and extra blades that some may offer. All your face really needs for the perfect shave is one clean blade, some good lather, and a steady hand. If you want to do it in style, check out some of the vintage replicas available from online grooming vendors that will give you a shave just like dear old dad.

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