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Valentine's Day 2015

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner leaving many of us to scramble to find the perfect card, or to plan the perfect romantic encounter. But while this holiday is universally associated with all things Love – how we celebrate Valentine’s Day has probably evolved over the years.

Valentine's Day 2015

At it’s purest form, Valentine’s Day is about expressing unconditional love for the most important people in our lives before materialism had a chance to slowly seep in. But when was the last time the significant people in your life really liked getting a homemade present?

Valentine's Day 2015

In elementary school, Valentine’s Day is about sharing equally so that everyone feels special. Usually we were encouraged to give a card to everyone in the class – of course, that never stopped you from adding a crayon note to “meet me at the swings” on the bottom of the card to your first TRUE love!

Valentine's Day 2015

As the years go by we transition from hearts and flowers to jewelry and romantic dinners. Valentine’s Days become more lavish and involved as they go by. Then we get lucky enough to find someone truly special – Strip Chocolate™ anyone?

Valentine's Day 2015

But when your one and only is a stock photographer, every aspect of your Valentine tradition takes on a new meaning. Valentine’s Day morphs from celebrating the idea of love into the things you do for love … of your photographer!

Man Cooking Lobster -

There is no such thing as a candlelit dinner anymore. Romantic dining gets interrupted for photo ops time and time again.

Lobster and Wine Glass -

Not even the food is spared so I hope you don’t mind a little cold seafood for supper.

Your significant other leaning in close and whispering, “Let’s slip into something more comfortable” does not mean what it used to before they first picked up a camera.

Breakfast in Bed

Heck, even the morning after breakfast in bed can’t escape the focus of a lens.

Kiss Under Mistletoe -

And while most of the world will spend one-day celebrating love – and then return to normal life – no truer words were written than the old adage “With You, Everyday is Valentine’s Day” when it comes to the motivated photographer. Regardless if it’s reenacting Christmas in July or interrupting a deep sleep in January, your photographer is looking for a 365-day a year commitment of love from you.

Snow Outside Window -

So if you are the better half of a photography couple, you have my deepest sympathies. If you are the photographer of the family– take this holiday to stop and appreciate all the things they do in the name of love for your craft. After all, they prove everyday how much they really love you!

Man in Suit Under Water -

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