Naughty Cat Earrings and Accessories

Women are born to be vain and to be beauty enthusiast and proofs are everywhere, cosmetics and accessories and anything that will make you feel beautiful.

Naughty Cat Earrings

As what I have mention to my other blog there’s a new open store in the shopping district if I am not mistaken this is a shoe or clothes store before, and now it is accessory store and other bling-bling. I have visited the store twice already and it is always full inside, mostly young girls in front of the mirror trying those hair accessories if they look good with it.

Hey, there are guys too. They are also vain? Well I think there are few guys who are also vain, I have a guy cousin who used whitening soap (Likas), and  my other cousin uses talc on his face and like other girls he also asked for talc when he feels his face is oily. So being vain is not just for women, guys can be vain too.

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