Walking trousers for wild weekends

Not afraid of a bit of wind and rain? Then a late, wild winter weekend could be right up your street. With the right clothes and equipment, you can blow away the cobwebs for a couple of days and come back refreshed and ready to tackle 2013. Kit yourself out today in great quality walking trousers, boots, fleeces and more for a walk on the wild side.

What makes a good pair of walking trousers? First, they must fit well and be comfortable. If you’re planning on walking several miles, the last thing you want to feel is that your women’s trousers are too tight and uncomfortable to move in. Most walking trousers are designed for practicality rather than fashion, but it’s still worth looking at the shape and features on the walking trousers you’re considering so that you are confident they are right for you.

After comfort comes function. These are trousers or womens chinos that are likely to see poor weather and rugged terrain and they need to be able to handle it. Whether you’re buying men’s trousers or women’s walking trousers, don’t just go for the cheapest option, because you’ll find you have to buy another pair before too long. Instead, look for track pants that are made from material that aids quick drying, has a side opening at the hem so that you can get them on and off over walking boots and has pockets so that you can keep snacks handy as you go.

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You’ll also want to consider price. Cheap walking trousers aren’t really an option, but you can get great quality trousers at a good price if you look for bargains or sales where you can find really good value for money deals. At the same time, consider buying yourself a good pair of walking boots. Walking in trainers can damage your feet and with no ankle support, it’s easy to fall over on rough ground and injure yourself. So look out for good deals on walking boots with ankle support and sturdy construction that can help you get out and about safely and comfortably.

With comfortable trousers to walk in, boots to keep you stable, warm fleeces and under-layers to keep the chill out and smarter clothes to change into when you get to the other end, you’ll be perfectly set up for a winter weekend to remember – for all the right reasons.
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