Benefits Of Using A Brush On The Face

If you want a smooth feel to your face, consider facial brushes. There are a few different kinds you can purchase, and there are various benefits aside from a soft touch after using the brush.

Facial Brush

A facial brush is commonly used to remove makeup and other particles from the skin. You can use the brush on both the face and the neck in order to remove the impurities that a washcloth might not be able to remove. The brush will get rid of the dead layer of skin that is on the top surface. Moisturizers can be used to help decrease any redness that might develop as well as to help soften the skin after the brush is used. The brush helps to increase the circulation, creating firmer skin. It can also aid in decreasing wrinkles that might form later in life. Using the brush while taking a hot bubble bath is a way to relax after a long day. This is often a better option than using some of the creams that are on the market as you aren’t applying artificial products to the skin. Some of the creams that you find have acids in them, which damage the skin instead of helping the appearance.

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Learn How to Apply Makeup the Easy Way

Have you ever wondered how makeup can transform celebrities from an ordinary to glamorous look? Makeup can do a lot of wonder to your face but the skills should be mastered by attending makeup school classes. Makeup can be learned by hands on experience working in a beauty spa, but it does not happen overnight. By attending makeup classes, you will learn a lot of makeup techniques such as concealing skin blemishes, wrinkles, and scars and learning how to mix colors.

When you plan to reinvent yourself for a career change, becoming a makeup artist Mississauga will usher you into a lucrative job in the future. Your skills are your ticket towards landing a job in fashion magazines, show business or have your own beauty spa. Makeup courses are offered under various categories from applying foundation, eyebrows, eye shadow, mascara, blush on, lipstick, and corrective makeup. There are different techniques in applying them to match the skin tone and facial features. In corrective makeup, your concern is to highlight and emphasize a certain feature such as high cheek bones, fuller or pouting lips.

Makeup Application

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Celebrities and models look ordinary without a makeup and you will be surprised at the total change when they grace magazine covers and premier nights. That is how you will greatly benefit from makeup. Whether your goal is to study makeup for personal needs or to begin a career in the beauty industry, you should enroll in a reputable makeup school Mississauga. The school must have a team of professional makeup artists who are well versed when it comes to the tricks and techniques of makeup artistry from bridal makeup, photography, stage makeup, fashion makeup, and men’s makeup.

Online makeup training is also available where you will learn the skills in handling different makeup brushes, tattoo makeup covering and mixing colors like you are attending a formal class. Think where you are convenient at and start a career in makeup artistry.

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Beauty Tips: Make that Makeup Last

So you are going out on a big party tonight. Lots of dancing and drinking and chatting with your friends. And you have your makeup kit in your car to touch-up every hour? Why not try to make your makeup last instead? Here are some beauty tips for you.

1. Moisturize. When you were younger, you never knew what moisturizers are for. Do we really need it? Of course, we do! This keeps your skin softer and smoother. Before putting on your makeup, be sure to put some moisturizer first. Massage it to your face as massage stimulates blood to create a natural glow. Wait a few minutes before putting on your make up.

2. Makeup Primer. Putting on a primer after your moisturizer is like waterproofing the skin. It keeps the oil at bay. It makes your skin look flawless for a long time by not making your foundation crack.

makeup application

3. Shape Thy Brows. The most important part of your facial feature is your eyebrows. It sets the mood of your face, it lifts the eyes, or make the face wide or narrow. Put some eyebrow wax to keep them in place, brush it, and use a pencil. They say you can never go wrong with taupe pencils.

4. Eyeshadow. Your eyes are the window to your soul, so why not prettify them? Putting on eyeshadow is tricky so you have to learn what suits your eye color, or your outfit. You also have to put primer so your shadow won’t crease and fade.

5. Eyeliner. Your eyeliner defines the shape of your eyes. It gives your eyes dramatic look. There are different kinds of liners in the market – pencil, liquid, and gel. Pick the one you can use easily. It also gives an effect of having thicker eyelashes.

6. Two coats of mascara. Mascara has three uses: to darken, lengthen, and thicken the lashes. Putting on too much mascara may create spider lashes. You also have to pick the right one that suits you. Waterproof mascaras are best for whole day wear. It will not melt even if you sweat or cry. However, it is harder to remove compared to a normal mascara.

7. Make Your Lipstick Last. Fill your lips with lip pencil before lipstick. This makes a good foundation for the lipstick so it won’t wear off right away.

8. Right Blush Shade. Blush works two ways – adding color to your cheek and contouring your face. Putting too little will make you look washed out, and putting a lot will make you look like a clown. Finding the right blush is difficult but here are some suggestion: if you are fair skinned, pick light pinks and peaches; if you’re medium skinned, pick rosy pink and dark peaches; if you’re dark skinned, pick rose or dark orange. Gold looks stunning too!

9. Setting your makeup. This may sound complicated but setting your makeup is simply dusting or putting loose powder to your face. There are also makeup setting sprays available in the market which are suitable for oily skin types.

10. Blotting Tissue. If all else fails, you may need your blotting tissue to blot away excess oil and sweat from your face while leaving your makeup nice and intact.

About the author:

Beverly Houston  is a blogger with experience in the fashion industry.  She enjoys teaching women how to use the Internet for shopping, and looking for beauty products and fashion updates.

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