Deangela: Stylish and Beautiful Ladies Sandals from Natasha

When my mother and sister came home from town the other day the large shoe box in their bag was the first one that caught my attention and when I asked who owns it, my mother replied it was my shoe which shocked me because I didn’t remember ordering a pair of shoes. It turns out they saw it on display and took it home since I have blurted out a few months ago when I first saw it in the brochure that it was a beautiful and I like it but since I have no money for it I didn’t order the sandals even they urges me to order it.

Deangela Natasha Sandals

Well, when they saw the sandal in personal and it was indeed beautiful they took it without informing me and I ended getting it since it was one month to pay. The sandals cost ₱995 ($21) but since my mother has a 22% discount as Natasha dealer the sandals will now cost ₱776.10 ($17). The footwear is product of Natasha Philippines with a product name Deangela, the upper is made of man-made leather while the sole is rubber with the heel height of 3 inches. The sandals color is a mixture of black and creamy brown but in the brochure the color is written as bone.

When I first tried it I almost lost my balance because it was been a long time since I wear pointed high heeled shoes/sandals, it was been a decade ago to be exact way back on college days. The size they brought home is size 8 since most of my footwear was on this size but when we return to the shop and I fit the size 7 on the rack it fits perfectly to my feet so we have the size changed the next day.

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