Australia Gets Fit with Local Running Events for All Ages

Australian runners can take advantage of all the great events this year in your region. Whether you are looking for an extreme challenge or just something fun to do with your family, there is a fun running event near you. Head to your favorite Asics shoe outlet in Australia, put on your running shoes, and get ready for some great running activities. From obstacle course races, triathlons, and fun runs, you will find the sporting event that is perfect for you.

Cross Country Challenges

There are a variety of exciting Australian running events throughout the year. For example, the Queensland Running Cross Country Series is an annual series in Winter and Autumn each year. They are found at numerous venues in Brisbane and other locations. Distance from 500 meters to 8000 meters are available for runners at every stage. Another cross country favorite is the Sutherland District Athletics Club race. This is held at Royal National Park in Sydney, NSW in July. It is part of winter cross country and road series held throughout the year. Membership in the Southerland District Athletics Club is required to participate.

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Fun Run

There are a number of fun run events. These events are great for beginning runners. They are designed for all skill levels, ages, and abilities. The Western District Joggers and Harriers (Westies Joggers) have a free fun run race called the Westies Handicap. The handicap format allows all levels of runners, from walkers to experienced athletes, to compete at the same level. There are weekly prizes available for participants. The Coburg Harriers Athletic Club also hosts a ten miler fun run in Melbourne, Victoria. Contact your local running club for family-friendly fun run events near you.


Be a part of the ultimate athletic challenge – the IRONMAN 70.3 Sunshine Coast, organized by IRONMAN Asia Pacific. Combine the beautiful Sunshine Coast and beach scene with the exhalation of a great run. Eat, drink, enjoy the scenery. The Cable Beach Triathlon in Western Australia, Broome, has an annual triathlon event for all skill levels and ages. Once again, the event is hosted in a remarkable location where beautiful white sands meet ancient rock formations. The Alice Springs Masters Games in Central Australia has been a longstanding Australian tradition since 1986. Nicknamed “The Friendly Games”, runners the world over come to Australia to enjoy this fantastic sporting event.


There are quite a few unique running events available for ambitious runners. The Tasmania’s Gone Nuts 101 Adventure Race takes place at The Nut, at Stanley. Located in the North West corner of Tasmania, the race along the coastline trails through Rocky Cape Natural Park, through the bush and rainforest, culminating around Table Cape. There is ample time for runners of all ages to complete the event.

Australian runners can enjoy beautiful coastlines and unique landscapes unique to their homeland with a variety of exciting sports events. From fun runs and triathlons to cross country races and adventure races, there is an exhilarating running event for everyone.

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