Avon Quelch Whitening Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Cream

I first heard about this deodorant cream from a classmate, she told us that it made her arm pit whiter so from using Avon roll-on deodorant I switch to Quelch cream deodorant so I have been using this Avon Quelch deodorant cream since college and I am satisfied with the result, it doesn’t stinks and doesn’t made  my arm pit perspires or turns black unlike other deodorant that feels so sticky and too strong.

Avon Quelch

So even I moved in Korea I made sure I have a supply of Avon Quelch, just two years ago I asked my mother to send me two bottles including the other Filipino grocery items,  and when I went home last year I brought few Quelch with me and now I have only one left so I will probably asked my mother again to send  here.

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