How to Pick Zildjian Drumsticks

Drummers know the importance of buying the proper drum set, the correct cymbals and selecting the proper drumstick. Drumstick choices can affect their playing, it can change the style and feel of the beat . One of the important things to consider when choosing drumsticks is the type of wood as it gives different benefits depending on your style of play.

Zildjian drum sticks

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Most drumsticks are made of hickory but there also some that are made of maple and oak.  Drumsticks that are light and affordable are the first thing that attracts the drummer but as what I have read this is wrong because each style of music has a certain drumstick that goes with it. Durable drumsticks made of oak are heavy and are hard to break  because oak sticks are very dense and they have low energy absorption making you feel every hit in your hands.

So knowing what style of music you will be playing and which wood to choose is important. Another important thing to know is how to pick zildjian drum sticks.

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