Buying the Right Wedding Dress According to Your Body Type

Since your wedding is the most important day of your life, you would naturally want everything to be perfect. Most of all, you would like a gorgeous wedding gown. You should buy something that would suit your body type. If you are plus-sized look for fabrics that provide structure such as satin and avoid flowy gowns because this will add pounds. If you have an apple-shaped body, a dress that fastens in at the smallest point on the waistline then flares out into a gradual A shape is ideal. Deter from styles that accentuate the area where your body is widest.

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If you happen to be flat chested and do not have any curves, look for a bodice with some ruching that will produce volume. If you are small find a style with a waistline above your natural waist. The detailing should be small and limited to the bodice. Do not wear calf-length gowns because this will make your legs appear short. On the other hand, if you are tall you should avoid too many embellishments and go for a simple silhouette.

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