5 Things Every Perfect Bedroom Has

Trying to make the perfect bedroom isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but with this guide it should become a little easier. Here are five perfect things that every bedroom has. Each will add together to make a room that is cosy, functional and comfortable. Read on to find out more.

Number 1: Blackout blinds

The last thing you want in the morning is to be woken up earlier than needs be. You might have ensured that you aren’t disturbed by sound by having double or triple glazing installed. Or you might keep earplugs on the bedside table. But what about being disturbed by light. Use black-out blinds. Don’t think this means they have to be black. You can get some that are black on the back but white or coloured on the front. This means that it doesn’t have to affect the design of the rest of the room.

Number 2: Seating

It’s always a good idea to have a place to sit in the bedroom other your bed. If you want to sit down and have a chat or read a book, it means you can do this in the bedroom without needing to get into bed. Seating is also useful for things like putting on socks and shoes! Go for an armchair if you love to read before bed. Or pick a bench that doubles up as a storage box. Alternatively, go for something a little more unique, like a deckchair.

[Photo courtesy of jinkazamah/flickr.com]

Number 3: A comfortable bed

The main part of a comfortable bed is a great mattress. There are different types, though; Soft, medium or firm. How do you choose the best mattress? Look for guides online to find out the different things you might want to consider. Did you know that you weight can have an effect on the type of mattress you need?

Number 4: A full-length mirror

Unless you have a walk-in wardrobe or keep your clothes in another room, you’ll usually be getting dressed in your bedroom. Keep a full-length mirror in your bedroom, rather than a smaller one. This means you are able to see your outfit for the day clearly. Mirrors are also fantastic at increasing the feel of space in the room. If you put your mirror near a window, it will also increase the amount of light. Handy!

Number 5: Colour

One of the best rooms in the house for a pop of colour is undoubtedly the bedroom. It adds a real vibrancy to enjoy as you’re falling asleep and waking up. Colours can really set the mood in a bedroom too. Blues and greens are great at helping you fall and sleep, for example. Meanwhile, yellows and oranges are good for adding a sense of warmth.

A good way of adding colour to your bedroom is through your finishings. Painting a wall or installing coloured carpets makes for a long-term commitment. It also means that you can’t change the colour up as the seasons pass. Instead, add colour through things like your cushions or throws.

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