Blouses and Shirts Sale on Gmarket

One of the consequences of gaining weight is the transition of clothing size. I started from small to medium but lately the medium size was already uncomfortable to wear, my bulging stomach became more noticeable and the sleeves are too tight on my arms. So when I found out that there’s 50% sale on shirts and blouses at Gmarket, I immediately visit the site and look for the design and color of shirt that would look good to me.

Gmarket Shirts

I was hesitant at first to order large size shirts, it seems I can’t accept the fact that I need to wear a larger size of clothing so I can breath widely and became comfortable. Also I am not sure how big is large and medium, anyway I ordered large and one medium for the black shirt as it has no larger size.

The shirts are in good quality for the price  and they are comfortable to wear, the fabric was soft and not harsh on the skin.

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