Stylish Supreme Hittbag

I have ordered a bag and shoes online and the bag was delivered first. When I look in to the tracking sent by the sender I already known that my bag will be delivered that day. When time came and we have to go to the gym I have no choice but to forget about my bag, I didn’t received anything until midnight.

On the next day our landlord ring our door bell and there I saw him holding a parcel, so I have thought it was given to him but it turns out the delivery guy call the number I add on the delivery address, which is my husband’s co -teacher’s number and then she called the landlord to get my stuff.

Anyway the bag is more of  a school bag I bought it for my husband as the bag I have given to him is not usable anymore, the sleeves are ripped apart. This bag is not expensive I just bought it very cheaply and it was on sale too.

The bag is part of  Urban Luggage Collection and manufactured with all weather type so I hope this bag will last long, I am not sure if Hittbag is the name of the bag or the type of the bag but that’s what I have read in the brochure.

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  1. Laureana Dano says:

    Hello! Just wanna ask, where have you bought the bag? That bag was so cute!

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