Stylish Alaska Backpacks

The backpack I gave to my husband from Boardwalk didn’t last long, after few usage the straps were rip.  I thought the quality is good but I was wrong with it, my husband dispraise me for giving him a low quality bag because he throw his old bag which is a way better than the new one. So I am thinking of buying him a new bag and this time I want to give him a good bag so I search a bag  from an online store.

It was love at first sight when I saw these bags (picture above), I so love the style and design but it is a bit pricey so I look  for more designs I have found two but I kept coming back to see this design again. So I might purchase two bags one for me and my husband. I preferred the pink or red color for a change but it was sold out already what is left is dark gray, blue and light gray.

This bag is good for traveling and I think my husband DSLR camera bag will fit on this bag.

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