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Way back in college I have learned how to be a fashionista (fashionable) with the help of my mother, classmates and friends. They’re the one who encourage me to be girly and show my assets, I admit I am a late bloomer. Most of the time I am just inside our house, hiding if I’ve seen one of my classmates or teacher visit our street or what we called barangay. Despite of my anti-social traits I have dream to be a ramp/fashion model not just locally but internationally. It is my longest dream to visit London where the fashion capital resides.

After our graduation and after I get married we’ve parted our ways I am now far away from home so my biggest problem nobody will teach me anymore on what to wear and what to buy. Until I stumble to London Fashion,. If you are like me who want to be stylish and fashionable and don’t know where to start London Fashion, can help you. They are so much willing to give you the latest fashion tips or information around the world that will help you begin or improve your fashion style. Browsing through their site you can easily find what are you looking for because it is well organized for an internet user like you. So if you are having problems on what to wear in an upcoming parties, you know where to go and who to consult. They will help you look elegant and striking with appeal with their latest fashion trend. Don’t worry its free to visit and browse to their fashion collections. They also have a Facebook page that will help you meet with other people with the same fashion as you.

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  1. I just might try out this site. I’m a struggling fashionista 🙂

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