Shopping with Deals and Sale

Like most other women I am also an impulsive shopper,  I also buy things without thinking if I need them or not. I mostly do this when I found sale or good deals among the items. Most of the items I bought are beauty products like lotions, shampoos, hand creams, moisturizing cream, soaps, lip glosses and more.

Few days ago my husband decided to do late spring cleaning inside our apartment, throwing boxes and other things we don’t  need. He asked me to clean the cabinet so he can keep the printer in it, and when I took all my belongings this is what I have collected four big bags of beauty products, notebooks and etc.,

I bought these items  through the allowance I received monthly, I just keep stocking them without using most of them. I am just addicted to sale, yes most of these items cost only half of the price. I don’t buy things unless they are sale and I am going to save a lot, so I keep the things I need and the other items will be sent home.

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