Shopping in Gmarket

This is my third shopping experience in Gmarket, it is a bad experience and it is my fault. I accidentally mixed up our new address I wrote the house number in wrong position, well if you don’t know Korean address are tend to change this year because the government changed their address system. Our new address is given to us written in Hangul so we asked my husband’s old co-teacher to translate it for us but unlike the first address it was not written in western way, you know Korean wrote their address in a different way so I mixed up.,

Anyway I send email to Gmarket customer service to help me translate what is written on the tracking information, as I am confused with one word but I never received a response from them. Maybe my inquiry is unimportant or they just never care.

Second I have email the seller to help me trace the item I have ordered from him and like Gmarket I also didn’t receive any response from him.  Maybe because it is weekend and that means I have to wait until Monday if I am going to receive a response from the seller but one thing is for sure today my ordered is gone because the tracking information indicates it is already delivered.

It is my fault anyway I wrote the wrong address, I know I should call the delivery company but there’s no way I can do it, not because we have no mobile phone but because I don’t speak their language and it is hard for me to explain it.  Hopefully my husband co-teacher is able to locate my item by calling the delivery company but dunno if he remember doing it as he is busy a person. When he tried to call the other day the line is busy so I am not sure if he called again or he remember calling them.

Well lesson learned. There will be no problem anyway if there’s no address changed and if I wrote the new address correctly but one thing is for sure I am not going to shop anymore at Gmarket  until my misfortune is still haunting me.  When it stops haunting me and it does not hurt anymore, I would probably shop again but this time I am going to be very extra careful but the bad thing is I can’t use my husband credit card even though I pay him on cash when I used his card because that’s what he told me after knowing my mistake. Hopefully he will changed his mind in the future., I hope so.

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