Shopping in Baclaran

Two days before my flight my mother and I decided to loiter and shop in Baclaran. It is the famous place for buying whole sale and cheap items like clothes, slippers, pants and etc.,

We took a bus to Baclaran and while on the way the bus stopped and after which the conductor instructed us, the remaining passengers to go to the back we are both in awe on what is happening we thought we are going to be hijacked or hold-up. With question marked on every passenger’s face the conductor told us to transfer at the other bus which is at the back of our bus.  Lol, such a day!

As expected Baclaran is full of people walking and wandering around. We look for the area where you can buy whole sale, we first found the whole sale area for slippers and we bought 6 pieces of Sandugo slippers and after asking a guard we are able to find the whole sale area for clothing. We just bought 3 or six pieces, we didn’t buy a lot because we don’t have enough money for it.

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  1. I work in Bulacan for a year sa patahian ng bra and my boss would always take me there sa baclaran pag namimili ng gamit.. Did you get a lot of deals?

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