Shopping for Korean Souvenir T-Shirts

A week ago I went to Itaewon to shop for souvenirs after working with my visa application my mother and sister asked me to buy some poster of their favorite Korean actors and some t-shirts. The shirt is a bit expensive, they cost $9.20 each, I bought 6 of them.

Korean Souvenir T-shirts

When my family saw the shirts through Facebook photos they like all of them so when I went to Itaewon again, I bought two other shirts, this time from different seller and I was surprised that the price was a bit lower, it was sold for $8.27  and the seller even give me a discount for $7.35. Despite the discount I still pay $8.27 for each because I believed grandpa needs the money more than me.

Korean Souvenir Shirts

The shirts are lovely, isn’t it? I’d like to buy more in the future if money permits me.

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