Scrapbooking and Photobooks

I have been addicted to scrap booking online since I found it as a nice hobby plus there are sites who offered free shipping and fifty percent less. Once you started it, it is going to be addictive especially if you have  many photos to print and that’s what happened to me because I have a lot of photos stored in my folders since we always travel twice a year. So when I have free time I design a travel   photobook  and then order it when there’s a good deal like when they dropped the prices to 30-50% less with free shipping.  It is really a nice deal because where can you find a twenty pages 5×7 photobook  for $3.99 with free shipping? It is so seldom to find these kind of deals so when opportunity knocks grab it.

Creating photobooks is also a nice hobby for mommies for tracking their babies growth and printing those photos where they have sweet moments, it is also a good gift for love ones, it can also be used as giveaways for parties and can be used as booklet for your special recipes. That’s just few of the many uses of making your own photobook, as of now I am planning to create a new one since I found another great deal online.

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