Rexona or Rexena?

What I hate when we’re shopping late at night is we are always on rushed to pick everything we  need. Last Wednesday we shopped late at night for the second time because Pookie bear needs to harvest his farm in farmville and eat his meal before we can go out out and shop. As what it is expected the super market is close to close its doors for shoppers, so we are not just in rush but expedited (lol). As in we are in marathon forget the cart just used your two hands holding the goods, we are almost finished when I remember Pookie bear needs deodorant so we went to back part of the supermarket to find one, the sales ladies told us the counter over there is already closed and we have to use the front counters but we told them we need deodorant, at first they gave us spray but I said stick. So they hand as a Rexona, as what I know. To cut the story short when we went home and set aside all the goods in their respected location I was surprised when I found out that the deodorant is not Rexona but REXENA.  So I look up online to find out if what’s the difference about the two, if the second one is imitation or what. As what I have found out  Rexona is the brand in UK, Ireland (including  Philippines and other world wide countries), while Rexena is the brand in Japan and Korea , they both belong to Unilever products.

4 Responses to “Rexona or Rexena?”

  1. missyphoebe says:

    how was it? is it just the same when you used rexona? 🙂

  2. ChieWilks says:

    ah, pareho lang pala ng manufacturer. baka ngmatter young language sis kaya na-change ang spelling. anyway, natawa naman ako sa pookie bear mo, addict sa Farmville..hehehe

  3. ladymishel says:

    interesting, meron palang rexena! I thought it was imitation…pero yan pala ang brand ng rexona sa japan and korea =)

  4. Mona says:

    Natawa naman ako sa rexena, i thought its an imitation .. And natawa rin ako sa line na mgharvest pa si Pookie bear mo sa Farmville, i’ve been addicted to this one pero tinigilan ko na time consuming at wala moolah heheh.

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