Protect your Photos and Preserved the Memories

We took thousand of pictures from our vacation in Armenia and Georgia and I am planning of compressing them and preserving the memories without a fear of losing the pictures when unexpected incident happened.  I already bought few removable disk to save the pictures I know it is not well secured and saving them on my laptop is not a good option too. The pictures can be easily deleted or removed once the mentioned gadgets are corrupted or reformatted accidentally.

Mt. Ararat

[View of Mt. Ararat from Armenia]

While searching online for better way to keep the pictures in tact and well secured I have stumbled to a sites that offers photo scanning services for affordable price, this work for pictures already printed or for the old negatives that we usually keep at home.  I also have old negatives which I am planning of reprinting the pictures once I saved money for it, I just hoped that negative will still works and be printed because those old pictures are precious.

If you have boxes or albums of pictures at home that you want to be well kept you should try this kind of service because it is well trusted than keeping the pictures in albums where they can easily be destroyed once moisten.

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