On Wearing Tight Dress

Most young people loves to wear tight dress or what is commonly called fitting dress, where the curves of your body will be emphasized. I think it is normal if you have a nice body shape but if you are chubby and fats are clinging everywhere it is kind of disturbing to wear this kind of dress. What do you think?

Anyway wearing tight dress exert a lot of confidence  so if you are confident with your self and body no matter  big or small you are, wear it.  Tight dresses are available in many styles and colors but you can’t just wear any color you like, you have to learn what color will suit your complexion.

One Response to “On Wearing Tight Dress”

  1. Mona says:

    minsan nkakatawa din seeing other people wearing tight dress or shirt tapos lumba lumba, lol.. Pero sometimes carry naman nila kaya siguro if confident ka cge go.

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