On Buying Jeans/Pants

Since I arrived here in Korea I still wear the same clothes I had in Philippines, still the same pants or jeans. Lately I have noticed my pants are getting old they’re starting to tear in the torso. It seems they are already over used and over washed. I don’t like buying jeans here as $20 is so expensive for just one pair of jeans, so what I did is asked my mother to buy jeans for me, she’s able to buy because I send money to them from the earnings I saved online.

So below are my new pants/jeans I thought the clothes are mine too but my sister says that’s her clothes which they bought  on sale.


My mother asked me if I already have savings so they can already send the clothes to me. This is the reason why I am wishing and looking for more opportunity online.

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  1. Mona says:

    Sis parang mgtitinda na ah dami naman nito … Dami na savings ah daming raket na and opps lagi pa winning s postnjoy =)

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