Nivea for Men, Sunscreen and More

The other day my husband ask me t shop his personal things, I asked him to come with me but he is too lazy to go out. So I went to Watsons and buy the things he asked for me to by like the head of his electric tooth brush, sun screen and deodorant spray. The deodorant we bought in India is just a steal, it has 25% extra but the spray wouldn’t work anymore so it is useless already despite it is not empty yet.

My husband instructed me to buy deodorant spray only but when I saw the roll-on deodorant for men I took it also, I found it cute and attractive plus it is on sale. At first I didn’t find sun screen spray, all I see is cream but when I went to the counter I saw one and show it to the sales clerk then she asked me if that’s what I need (sun screen) then she showed the right aisle for them.

Anyway I asked permission to my husband if I can used his card in case I want to buy something that interests me, well he agreed as long as it will be deducted on my allowance but while I am looking around I didn’t find anything attractive aside from the hand cream. When I pay in the counter the sales clerk asked me what I want for roll-on or spray pointing to the sets of Nivea deodorant, I choose the roll-on. It’s free, service as what they call it here in Korea.

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