Nike Dunks SB Women

When my sister and mother went online the other day they asked me if I want new shoes, well of course I said yes because  the pair of shoes I am using right now is already very old and soon I need to change to a new pair. They told me one my aunt is reselling a new Nike shoes,  my cousin from abroad sent the shoes to her siblings but it was too big for them so they’re reselling it for $35.

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My sister says the shoes is still new and it is beautiful and it is white color thinking it is not that white I told them to buy it for me rather than me buying new one here. Anyway when I asked them how does the shoes look like and what is the tag name and etc., we both searched online and my sister show me a link where I can see the shoes (featured above), the shoes is Nike Dunks SB Womens which is all white shoes Logo. When I saw the shoes I changed my mind, I don’t like shoes which is too white. It is not advisable when traveling where I get all dirty from walking in different terrains.

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