My Travel Pouch

No we are not going to travel soon, not until December. I just called it travel pouch because I think it is really a travel pouch as printed in the item. I bought it tonight in Daiso for $2, cheap isn’t it? I just love the color and the material so I grab it.

I am not really going to shop it just happened I passed around when I went to the market to buy beets, so I step inside the store and ended up with travel pouch and one more item.


As I noticed I am not just addicted to beauty products like lotions and shampoo but also to pouches, I have several of pouches here in our apartment. I am going to take picture of them next time, but well unlike others my addiction is cheap and not expensive.

2 Responses to “My Travel Pouch”

  1. Vernz@ Consumer Mom Talks says:

    natawa ako dun sa grounded ka dahil ala na pera.. hahah.. di bale.. maganda ka naman.. nice pouch Ry… dropping by 🙂

  2. Mona says:

    Nabili rin ako minsan by chance …

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