My Pair of Earrings from Avon

Last Friday my most awaited box from Philippines arrived, I am not expecting it though I wished that it will arrived that day. I am not expecting because it is almost weekend, so I expected it to be delivered this week. I am too excited when I opened it, I found the items I have asked my mother to buy and send to me.

While I am taking off the clothes from the box, a green pine tree ornament dropped into my lap. Startled what is it, I opened it …

 There you go, a set of earrings. I am really surprised to received it I can’t remember my mother told me that there’s a pair of earrings in the box. So I just thought it must be their surprised birthday gift to me, this earring is product of Avon. So it is not pure gold but merely an accessories, well it doesn’t matter to me the thoughts what counts. Thank you nay!

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  1. I surely enjoyed the way you narrate the article and ita very good that you have got your earrings now.

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