My New Pet and Baby

It’s been four days since my last blog here I just feel procrastinated plus I don’t know, lol.  Anyway meet my new  pet and baby,  there’s no name yet I just call him baby bear. I have bought this bear the other day when I felt relieved when the stuck toothbrush was finally removed by the real plumber, I am talking to this bear like a child talking to her doll. Lol, Pookie bear asked me if the bear is also talking too, I replied yes then he told me he should bring me to Psychiatric ward in short Psychiatrist . Hehehe

Cute Teddy Bear

He also said I acted weird, I sounds like a child playing with the bear while  it is on my feet, sea saw up and down.  Like what I usually done with my pets way back in Philippines. Anyway I keep asking him to buy me  a pet, dog or a cat but the answer is always no because he said we can’t take care of them when we travel.

There are times we’re both  like a child playing with this Teddy bear, like when he is watching  a TV show he will put the bear near him and says it is also watching and etc.,
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5 Responses to “My New Pet and Baby”

  1. anne says:

    kataw anan man ka girl oi hehehe. Love the baby bear though

    Please visit me here too

    My Daily Mumbles

  2. mabelle says:

    thanks for visiting at my site. God bless

  3. vernz says:

    Hi Ry.. nyahaha wawa naman.. sana totoo nang baby.. heheh thanks for the drop lovely.. BTW.. sino pala WP host mu? magkano naman?

  4. Mona says:

    Pretty bear si kyla gusto lagi my name ang mga doll or stuffed toys nya .. About don sa books mga stories about relationship then yon owner ng book eh meron mga piece of advice 🙂

  5. Chie Wilks says:

    your pookie bear is right naman sis kasi nga di maaalagaan kasi both of you travel a lot. magbaby nalang kau sis

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