Movavi Video Converter for Mac, Some Salient Features

Movavi video converter Mac is a software that enables you to do a lot more than just converting videos. The software comes at a very reasonable price and is packed with features.

video converterThe features of Movavi’s video converter for Mac are stated below:

  • The software lets you perform some elementary editing on videos. You’ll be able crop a video using this software and also you’ll be able to apply some preset filters to your video to enhance its quality. It also lets you add titles to your video.
  • The software enables you to regulate the sound of a video file. You’ll be able to increase the volume of sound of a certain part of a video as well as decrease the sound volume of a certain part of a video that is very loud. Due to the fact that Movavi video converter Mac has the SuperSpeed technology, you will be able to regulate the sound of a video without having to re-encode the video track and also because of this technology, the entire operation takes very little time to complete and there is no chance of the quality of video getting reduced due to this.
  • In addition to converting audio and video files to any of their respective commonly used formats, Movavi’s video converter Mac also allows you to convert image files.
  • The software also enables you to make video of slideshows and you’ll also be able to make compilation of video clips using this software.
  • The program also lets you convert video clips to GIFs. You’ll only have to select the video clip and apply the appropriate preset and set the size of the image file and then click on “convert” button and your GIF will be created.
  • The software lets you convert a High Definition video file to an inferior quality video file and it also lets you convert a high definition video to any other format having the same resolution.
  • As the program has latest codecs, a converted video file’s size will be quite low but the video quality of it will not be noticeably lesser than that of the original.
  • The software has appropriate preset for converting a video to a format supported by websites that allow video sharing.
  • The software also lets you extract audio from video files and save them in mp3 format. It also lets you convert the mp3 file to other audio file formats.
  • After you’ve converted a file to a format supported by a Apple portable media device, you’ll be able to synchronize the file with iTunes.
  • Low resolution videos do not look good on big screens. You’ll be able to adequately enhance the quality of such a video for viewing on a big screen by applying an appropriate preset already included in Movavi’s video converter for Mac.
  • The software also comes with presets for most of the popular mobile devices. You’ll only have to specify which device you’ll be playing the converted video in and the video will be converted to a format supported by the device.
  • Movavi video converter for Mac has such a simple user interface that even someone with no experience of converting videos will find it easy to use.


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