Missha is one of the well known cosmetics and beauty care store in Korea and it is also one of the store I like to go in when they are in sale, below are my old loots when they have 50% sale last December, it is going to be one year already and I still didn’t use any of these (lol), I have manage to include the other stuff to the box I send home.


Just last month they are in 50% sale again I am tempted to shop more to add more stuff to my collection, but I had control myself and I’ve done it many times but there’s one day I almost give up and luckily the next day we have to leave for vacation because if not for sure I spend money again.

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  1. Lessie Berendt says:

    Fashion is important to everyone. It’s not a bad thing to know to accessorise few clothes. More than that, it’s best to have few clothes with style than 2 wardrobes full of ugly clothes

  2. Nita says:

    Wow, this is super nice. Grabe, I’m dying to know if ano kayang makeup brand ang gamit ni Moon Geun Young LOL. It’s super nice kasi at saka light lang ha, parang di sya naglalagay ng makeup 🙂

  3. Vernz@ Consumer Mom Talks says:

    wow, grabe ang beauty loot mu sista ha… hehe.. hinakot na yata to..lol…

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