Mega Discount on Holidays

It’s few more weeks before Christmas and most people are already starting to shop on what is on their Christmas list. As I’ve seen on news report the other night, malls and well-known supermarkets in Philippines are already populated with Christmas shoppers mostly are looking for  mega sale and mega discount on any items.

Well I guess if you really have a lot of God children you really need to start looking for the cheap but good quality item as early as you can to avoid unwanted circumstances because mostly few days before Christmas there’s really a chaos on shopping malls and supermarkets, and traffic is very annoying.

Anyway while other people are excited for Christmas shopping there are also some people who are mega excited for  this coming holiday,  long weekend of vacation.  Some season travelers are already booked for Christmas, to other country or to their home country to have a get together with families. Like shopping if you want to travel this holiday book your flight as early as you can to avail mega discount from your travel agents or  airline offices.


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  1. Mona says:

    Naku sinabi mo pa .. Parang hindi naghihirap tao dito, lol. Everyday siksikan sa mall .. Anyway, haven’t started shopping walang moolah hehe.

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