Lucky Kayce Mini Giveaway

To welcome a lucky vibes here, I am joining Lucky Kayce Mini Giveaway hopefully sis Kayce will passed her lucky charm to me because I need it. Haha

Anyway folks (as if I have reader already) if you are feeling lucky please  join this giveaway and win $10 paypal cash.

Sis Kayce decided to have a giveaway for the opening/welcoming her new blog from the domain she won on a giveaway as well.

To join just visit her site from the link I indicated above. Contest end on Sept. 30, 2011.

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  1. gagay says:

    dropping by sis!

    thanks by the way for dropping by at my site and for joining my giveaway the way, i want to inquire something sana, but i can’t find your contact form..can you email me instead at gagay[at]gagaymd[dot]com..looking forward for your message..

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