Latest Purchase WAHL Beard Trimmer

Before we left for two weeks vacation my husband is already eying to buy beard trimmer.  He asked me to look for a beard trimmer in downtown because the beard trimmer in gmarket are quite expensive and there’s only few results.  I decided to translate the beard trimmer (수염 트리머) to Hangul and I got a lot of results but because we are leaving for vacation we cannot order right away.

WAHL Beard Trimmer

When we arrived from vacation we ordered the beard trimmer he like and in few days we received it. My husband excitedly used the trimmer after coming home from work. He like the result after using the trimmer, his beard is somehow clean and organized.

Beard Trimmer Set

The beard trimmer comes in set with different size of glide, battery, small comb and trimmer oil.

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  1. riz tomacruz says:

    shaving tools are indeed essential in mem’s vanities. husband took care of his electric shaver like some gold. lol

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