Importance of Barcode Scanner

In my high school and college days  they tagged  me as  businesswoman because I sell candies and chocolates inside the classroom, which help me to pay for photocopies, fare to school and home  and even to pay for my school projects.   There are times I have to go to the town market when it was our vacant period or our subject teacher didn’t show up, I walked instead of paying for a ride.  The town market is just 20 minutes walk from our classroom so I have plenty of time, but sometimes there’s a lot of shoppers in the store I used to shop, I have to fall in line and wait. What makes it very slow is they don’t have a barcode scanner, they have to write  all of the items purchased by a shopper in a paper then sum it up with a calculator.

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Barcode Scanner like those you can buy from POSGuys is very important in retail business because it can save time, reduce errors, cut costs and improve operational efficiency. I just wished they already have a barcode scanner when I went home at our province in the future and shop at their store.

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